The care home industry is an extremely emotive subject. The stress and anxiety of choosing the right establishment and installing your parent or loved one into their new home is one of the most important and emotional decisions you will be required to make.

When the choice has been made and your loved one is settled, the safety and welfare of the resident are vital for their future happiness and wellbeing, as well as that of their family.

After extensive research and development, CARE PROTECTED has devised an operating platform that can be introduced to every participating care home, encompassing each resident’s room and all the communal areas within the property.

The Care Home app free platform is simple to install and use, requiring no additional hardware thus minimising set-up and installation costs.

This new platform offers a two-way communication portal which enables residents, family or friends to use the system directly to leave feedback or request contact support, thus introducing a new level of engagement, safety and security for the old and the potentially vulnerable.

Each resident’s room and communal areas will be fitted with a small unique plaque in clear view, inviting the resident and visiting family members to interact directly with the care home.

Once the system is activated, the resident’s room becomes live monitored within the CARE PROTECTED platform. The strategically placed delivery point can be used to tap or scan the QR codes or NFC chip with your smartphone to select the appropriate action required and access all of the unique features.


  1. On scanning or tapping the available codes with your smartphone, the system menu will offer you options to rate the services and care on offer, in a 1-5 star rating.
  2. A further set of questions enquiring about the resident’s care and present disposition can also be rated from 1-5 to help the care home analyse the perceptions of the care and service being offered.
  3. If the the results are less than satisfactory, a further text box will be offered to explain your concerns, thus helping the care home to understand your requests and requirements. Finally, the results will be directed to the appropriate department so that your issues can be resolved.


This enables a concerned resident or family member to inform the company of their concerns and indicate actions needed to resolve them promptly.



This is an option for use in the unlikely event of an emergency such as an accident or hostile encounter where the resident’s safety is at risk. The resident or their family will be able to contact the care home’s dedicated emergency hotline through the portal, and the location of the care home, room and resident will be automatically identified to ensure a rapid resolution to the situation.



A company can be set up to access and monitor each care home, room or resident through the CARE PROTECTED multi level platform. It allows the resident or family member to interact directly either within the care home or to a higher management level. This offers options to monitor multiple care homes or individual rooms from one admin source, accessing and analysing all the results and statistics individually or cumulatively.

These can show names and photographs of carers and staff members, enabling each person individually to establish a rating which highlights good or poor performance in care or service identified within the CARE PROTECTED platform.

All the information regarding your resident reviews, comments, or members of staff can be recorded, analysed and actioned through your personal admin portal with options to process the information and results delivered, to improve and maintain the quality of care offered.

The benefits to residents, families and care home companies will become increasingly evident in the future, as customers will prefer to choose a company which offers this elevated level of care, safety and security.

Time and motion study is an important part of the smooth running of a successful care home operation.

The systems platform is designed to identify issues and requests from family and friends related to their loved one’s ongoing wellbeing. Pre-populated drop-down choices are offered for everyday requirements, and further options are available through a free text box which automatically notifies the care home of these issues and requests.

Requests are sent, time stamped and recorded within the system to be accessed and addressed by the appropriate staff member, who will resolve or deal with the requirements.

The systems platform also supports Broadcast. In the event of an identified issue within the care home, family members would be updated promptly with a solution or issue answer. This would avoid the need for repeated responses or visits to rooms.


Each communal room/area, eg day room, dining room, reading room will be equipped with its area defined CARE PROTECTED plaque, populated with pre-loaded, room related questions to monitor the area’s performance and user satisfaction.

Each residential room will be issued with a CARE PROTECTED plaque that offers family/friends full access to all the available platform functions.

Costings are calculated and charged on a per room basis.


For a care home which has 15 residential rooms and 3 communal areas, the charge would be 18 rooms @ £10 per room/area.

Therefore, the cost to run 18 rooms including the administrative platform would be calculated and invoiced at £180 plus VAT per month.

Costs are calculated on registered room numbers; it is the cumulative number of registered rooms which trigger reductions in per room costs, and not the number of care homes per company.


1-49          £10per registered room

50-99         £8per registered room

100+           £POA

Each care home will be granted secure access to a bespoke administrative platform included within the monthly price. This will enable the home to operate independently and, if necessary, analyse the performance data and requests collected through the platform from family and friends.

CARE PROTECTED also includes an individual care home priority portal for family and friends. This allows them to escalate a concern or issue for management attention, thus ensuring a prompt and discreet response.