Staff Satisfaction and retention
This could be handled in numerous ways , but the exercise in information gathering must remain simple to use, effective in data processing and results , so it could become ultimately an adopted system and platform used by all associated companies as an initial indicator / alert, processing employees satisfaction in their jobs, potential future career choices and ultimately their retention.

Until a meeting can be arranged to attain the exact necessary specifics required to be processed , then aligned to one of our platforms it is hard to quantify the exact workings before that brief was ultimately identified .

But from the brief we have previously discussed our initial thoughts are towards using some of our technologies in the form of key destination hotspots within the working environment , like staff canteens , staff rooms were NFC or QR code media points are placed , perhaps titled HAVE YOUR SAY TAP OR SCAN HERE
( or mail out QR codes directly at set time frames ) invite the employee to have their say / answer a short survey , perhaps 5 short indicator questions regarding the state of their job satisfaction. These questions can be changed by the administrator from the administrative platform in seconds generating processed relevant reports on what has been asked.

How it could work – every employee would be invited to scan the media point or can be sent the access code to enable themselves to register and take part in the survey. Suggested needed info for data capture.

  • Name
  • Department
  • Position
  • Term of service
  • Contact info

At this point they will now be entered into the reporting system and allocated an identifiable code.

We suggest breaking down each individual into –
Showroom / location  / department / Position held

On registering, a series of questions will be offered and available on scanning the available codes , the results of these employee scans and questions will be then accessible and quantified within the administrators dashboard processing the answers into a simplistic easy to interpret reporting results.

These can be set to a percentage of overall staff satisfaction and warning alerts , this can be and we would suggest identifiable through a dashboard traffic light system, using green for “content” – amber for “issues” – red for “dissatisfied”. Employees at greatest risk of leaving or dissatisfied will be brought to administrators attention and highlighted within the platform dashboard  , leaving the appropriate actions needed to be taken, with options for the issues to be identified and addressed.
All employee information can be processed within the platform as an overall percentage that can be set by the administrator to determine the traffic light results identifying staff members dissatisfied and at most risk of leaving.